Now accepting new patients! TeleHealth Providers

All Telehealth appointments must be scheduled in advance. If you are interested in scheduling a Telehealth visit, or changing your in-person visit to Telehealth, please call our office and our staff can arrange that for you.


Cynthia Cahoon, DNP, APRN-BC

RoomID: ccahoon

Joseph Insler, MD

RoomID: jinsler

Nikhil Teja, M.D- Available 4/10/2020

RoomID: Nikhil Teja

Richard Naimark, MD- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: rnaimark

Colleen Chausse, APRN

RoomID: cchausse

Doreen Cawley, DNP, APRN

RoomID: dcawley

Susan Kelly, APRN

RoomID: skelly

Jennifer Albert, M.D

RoomID: jalbert

Andrew Kaplan, DO

RoomID: Andrew Kaplan

Jane McGrath, MS, APRN, CS

RoomID: Jane McGrath

Ehsan Biswas, MD

RoomID: Ehsan Biswas

Colette Dumont, MN, APRN

RoomID: Colette Dumont

David Schmidt, MD- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: dschmidt

Cornel Stanciu, M.D.

RoomID: Cornel Stanciu

Stephanie Birdsall, APRN

RoomID: sbirdsall

Richard Tomb, MD

RoomID: rtomb

Christina Dagen, APRN

RoomID: cdagen

Thor Agustsson, DO

RoomID: tagustsson

Anita Freeman, APRN

RoomID: afreeman

Pavlina Monova, APRN

RoomID: Pavlina Monova

George Nowak, MD- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: George Nowak

Heidi Kraft, APRN

RoomID: hkraft

Arun Krishnan, M.D

RoomID: akrishnan

Brigitte Hristea, MD

RoomID: Brigitte Hristea

Lori Eaton, APRN, PMHNP

RoomID: leaton

Rich Carey, MS, APRN

RoomID: Rich Carey

Sreenivas Katragadda, MD

RoomID: skatragadda

Patricia Leary, MS, APRN, BC

RoomID: pleary

Valerie Porcello, APRN Available in Mid April

RoomID: Valerie Porcell


Christine Penta, LICSW

RoomID: cpenta

Julia M. Reilly, LCMHC, MLADC, CFC

RoomID: Julia Reilly

Frances Berry-Worcester, Psy.D.

RoomID: fberryworcester

Pamela Schubert, LCPC

RoomID: Pamela Schubert

Carrie Ann Gray, Psy.D.

RoomID: cgray

Katherine Frick LICSW- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: Katherine Frick

Sari Lessard, Ph.D.

RoomID: slessard

Laura Richman, Psy.D.

RoomID: lrichman

Paul Downey, PhD- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: Paul Downey

Candace Stohl, LCMHC

RoomID: cstohl

Casey Culligan, Psy.D

RoomID: cculligan

Judith Duclair, LCMHC, LADC

RoomID: Judith Duclair

Alisa Hurwitz, Psy.D.

RoomID: ahurwitz

Katherine Casale- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Kate Casale

Tessa Bensew, PhD Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: tbensew

Barry Lewis, Psy. D

RoomID: Barry Lewis

Mychele Benoit- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Mychele Benoit

Teddi Zuckerman, PhD

RoomID: tzuckerman

Tara Richard, LCMHC

RoomID: Tara Richard

Michelle Ronayne, Ph.D.

RoomID: mronayne

Nancy Colburn, PSYD

RoomID: ncolburn

David Kamen, Ph.D.

RoomID: David Kamen

Marc Cortino, LICSW

RoomID: MarcCortino

M. Lee Leppanen, Psy.D.

RoomID: mleppanen

Rebecca Plue, Psy.D.

RoomID: Rebecca Plue

Jessica Leonard, Ph.D.

RoomID: jleonard

Jillian Clark, LICSW

RoomID: Jillian Clark

Carrie Chiasson, PsyD

RoomID: cchiasson

Cheryl Withka, Psy.D.

RoomID: cwithka

Lindsay Staples, PhD

RoomID: lstaples

Mary Lou Staples, LICSW- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: mstaples

James Duffy, MA, LMHC

RoomID: jduffy

Leanna Stockard, LMFT

RoomID: lstockard

Colleen Wentworth, PsyD, LCMHC

RoomID: Colleen Wentworth

James McElligott, PsyD

RoomID: James McElligott

Christina Tempesta, Psy.D.

RoomID: Tina Tempesta

Jill Fimbel, MA, LCMHC

RoomID: jfimbel

Kimberly A. Orifici, Psy.D.

RoomID: Kimberly Orifici

Peter Kelley, Psy.D.

RoomID: pkelley

Evan Greenwald, Ph.D.

RoomID: Evan Greenwald

Erin Gilligan, LICSW

RoomID: egilligan

Heather Friedman, LCMHC

RoomID: hfriedman

Sheila Gaphardt, Psy. D

RoomID: sgaphardt

Tammy Nicholson, LCMHC

RoomID: tnicholson

Charles Farrell, LCMHC- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: Charles Farrell

Bonnie Kanin, Ph.D.

RoomID: bkanin

Brian Taracena, Psy.D.

RoomID: btaracena

Christopher Chiverton- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Christopher Civerton

Beth Connolly, Psy.D.

RoomID: Beth Connolly

Julia Twaddle, LCMHC

RoomID: jtwaddle

Tristram Dashti-Gibson, LCMHC

RoomID: tdashti-gibson

Bette Lewicke, Ph.D.

RoomID: blewicke

William Fahey, PhD

RoomID: wfahey

Heather Gallagher, Ph.D.

RoomID: hgallagher

Caroline Belt, MA, LICSW

RoomID: cbelt

Marissa Volpe, LICSW

RoomID: mvolpe

Susan Palmer-Ansorg, Ph.D.

RoomID: spalmeransorg

Heather Andonucci-Hill, Psy.D.

RoomID: handonucci

Delinda Mercer, PhD

RoomID: dmercer

Nancy LeBlanc, Ph.D.

RoomID: nleblanc

Karin Hovey, Psy.D

RoomID: khovey

Vicky McGall, LCMHC

RoomID: vmcgall

Robin Wakeman, LICSW Starting Mid April

RoomID: Robin Wakeman

Lori Santana, LICSW- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: lsantana

Leah Baer, PSYD- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Leah Baer

Trish Ledbetter, LCMHC, MLADC

RoomID: pledbetter

Shannon Rose, MSW, LICSW

RoomID: srose

Alexandra Baltimore, LICSW

RoomID: abaltimore

Hannah Conrad, LICSW Available May 2020

RoomID: Hannah Conrad

Wairimu Mutai, PhD, LCMHC

RoomID: wmutai

Patricia Taylor, Ph.D

RoomID: ptaylor

Danielle Palmer, Psy.D.

RoomID: dpalmer

Robert Carnicella, Ph.D

RoomID: rcarnicella

Johanna Lewis, Ph.D.

RoomID: jlewis

Tania Osborn-Fiandaca, LCMHC- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: tosborn-fiandaca

Lori Little, Psy.D.

RoomID: llittle

Robert “Obie” Philbrook, LCPC Avilable April 6, 2020

RoomID: Robert Philbrook

Jamie Fitzpatrick, Psy.D.

RoomID: jfitzpatrick

Rebecca Sartor, Executive Director, LICSW

RoomID: rsartor

Robert Kamman- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Robert Kamman

Danielle Mceachern, PSYD- Available May

RoomID: Danielle McEachern

Daisy Cassidy, LICSW- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: dcassidy

Sherri Bernstein, LCMHC- Available 4/6/2020

RoomID: Sherri Bernstein

Bonnie Cloukey, LCSW

RoomID: blcokey

Katie Provencher, LICSW

RoomID: kprovencher

Martha Dunn, Psy.D.

RoomID: Martha Dunn

Bryan Vogel, Psy.D.

RoomID: bvogel

Stephen Pierog, LCMHC Available April 28th 2020

RoomID: Stephen Pierog

Lori Hillard, PhD

RoomID: lhillard

Leah Cochrane, Psy.D.

RoomID: lcochrane

Jeffrey Weigle, LCMHC

RoomID: jweigle

Edgar Hartford, PsyD

RoomID: ehartford

Antoinette Harrington, PsyD.

RoomID: aharrington

Catherine A. Monaco, Ph.D.

RoomID: Catherine Monaco

Michael Broderick-Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Michael Broderick

Jill Pearl, LCMHC

RoomID: jpeal

Tiffany Considine, LCMHC

RoomID: Tiffany Considine

Dan C. Williams, PhD- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: danwilliams

Roger Cawley, Ph.D.

RoomID: rcawley

Michael Magee, LICSW, BCD

RoomID: mmagee

Greg Carbone- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

RoomID: Greg Carbone

Maureen “Meg” Piana, PhD

RoomID: mpiana

Jill Waite, PhD

RoomID: jwaite

Kim Cardinal, LCMHC- Chestnut Hill Counseling Associates

RoomID: kcardinal