Clinical Psychologists and Neuropsychologists

Psychologists and neuropsychologists help patients with a variety of challenges, including mental health, developmental, cognitive, behavioral, psychological, social, and academic concerns. Neuropsychologists have completed specialized fellowship in understanding how brain functioning affects behavior, mood, social patterns, etc., in addition to generalized understanding of mental health concerns.


Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluation

Many people are referred for psychological or neuropsychological consultation in order to better understanding their presenting concerns, assist with diagnostic questions, and provide recommendations for treatment planning. At LifeStance Health, your provider will work with you to determine the nature and extent of assessment that may need to be completed to help answer the questions posed.


Generally, testing may involve:

  • Clinical Interview
  • Review of any available records, including prior evaluations, school records, medical records, etc.
  • Questionnaires (psychological tests) to characterize symptoms
  • In-person test administration of cognitive tests
  • Observation of behavior
  • Collateral report from school providers, relatives, therapists, psychiatric providers, or others

Each consultation or evaluation will result in a summary of findings, relevant diagnoses, and recommendations for next steps for you and your treatment providers, all in order to improve your day-to-day functioning.

Some Presenting Concerns/Diagnoses that our Psychologists Treat:

  • Attention and Executive Functioning Problems, including concern for ADHD
  • Developmental Disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavioral Disorders, such as Oppositional Defiant or Conduct Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Mood Disorders, such as Depression, Bipolar Spectrum Disorders, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder
  • Neurocognitive Disorders, such as concern for Dementia
  • Learning Disorders
  • Traumatic Brain Injury, including Concussions
  • Neurological Injuries or Conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, etc.

Financial Considerations

Our providers are paneled with a number of commercial insurance payors. The cost incurred can depend on a number of factors, including your individual plan (e.g., deductible, coinsurance, copay), the nature of services (whether covered or non-covered by your insurance company), and the extent of the testing. Our intake staff and your provider will discuss the expected costs of testing with you before moving forward with the evaluation.