"I was impressed with the communication throughout the process of becoming a new patient. The intake process was smooth as was booking an appointment and figuring out insurance coverage. I appreciate it!"
- K.L
"Brian put our son at ease and was able to get him to talk. His information and support reinforced what we believe will help our son."
- J.K
"I was pleased with intake taking the time to contact providers to be able to get an appointment quickly. With having the issues I have at the moment, it was important to start this process and that was done very timely. It was very much appreciated."
- E.W
Extremely fast call back from first request for appt. Loved the person who helped me. Was able to get an appointment within 2 weeks for a first appt, and really liked my doctor (Susan Kelly). She was extremely knowledgeable, engaged, and easy to communicate with.
- E.O
"Dr. Mendell helped me figure out that my emotional outbursts are due to ADHD. I've always thought that I was just a horrible person because I acted like a child in my relationships which resulted in major anxiety and depression for years. Realizing this was just a symptom of ADHD, and after taking a better medication suggested by Dr. Mendell, I have already seen my life improve a million percent!"
- J.B
"I really liked Dr. Vogel, he was reasonable to talk too.He is a smart man, logical, and did not make me feel judged."
- J.W
"Both doctors were kind, professional and good listeners. I look forward to their insights and advice."
- C.J
"I really appreciate the speed and efficiency of everything."
- M.F
"Grateful for being able to make an appointment within a short period of time with the care provider of choice."
- M.P
"I want to commend you on the follow up of staff regarding scheduling appointments. I received a follow up call less than 24 hours after submitting scheduling information. Reception was courteous and found appointments in a timely manner. The ladies at the check in desks are also very friendly but businesslike."
- J.D
"I feel as though both of the providers that I see actually listen to me and provide counsel that is specific to my situation. I haven't found a therapist that I trusted so much since I was a teenager so it's a relief to find someone that I feel I can stay with."
- J.C
"We appreciate that Dr. Agustsson listened to all our concerns."
- Q.C
"The waiting area was very relaxing; I enjoy the calming scents and sounds while walking through the building. I would recommend The Counseling Center of Nashua to any of my close friends or associates."
- E.S
I had a great first visit with Jillian Clark. She was very pleasant and easy to talk to. She is a great listener and understood all of my issues. My case is rather complex, but she was able to navigate all of my concerns very well. I am so happy I found a counselor that I can relate to and that makes me feel comfortable!
- L.R
"I very much liked my doctor. It is the first time that I felt a doctor listening to my needs and wants."
- M.P
"My most recent appointment was a first time therapy session with Dr. Taracena. I feel he actively listened and was able to recap with near 100% accuracy how I feel and what I am looking to accomplish through therapy. I am extremely hopeful that continued therapy with Dr. Taracena and follow up appointments with Collette Dumont will help me with my 'issues.'"
- J.S
"I was matched with Danielle Palmer which ended up being a perfect fit; I knew this in the first visit. The Raymond location is perfect for me as well."
- D.L
"You were sensitive and understanding when I had to reschedule an appointment due to an unforeseen circumstance. All of the administrators were especially pleasant. Additionally, I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Bohnert."
- M.H
My provider was very helpful and made me feel at ease talking to her. Was honestly a great experience and pit to rest my fears of seeing a therapist.
- J.T
"I think the staff are nice. I like my psychiatrist. She is very open minded and is willing to go beyond by helping me understand how supplements and other therapies might affect my treatment."
- P.D
"Dr. Kanin quickly made me feel comfortable and that it was justifiable that I was having the issues I am having."
- R.R
The Dr. Ellison had great bedside manner and was very nice.
- H.S
"Collette was both professional and easy to talk to. She is somebody that I would recommend to others."
- A.Z
"The process of scheduling was very fast and the provider was very helpful."
- E.B
The entire staff and providers are so friendly and down to earth. Never have I once received a look or passing glare of judgement. Everyone is professional, but not uptight. They are very welcoming and seem to enjoy their job, almost as if it’s not a job, it’s where they want to be. They care!
- Z.B
"Dr. Cochcrane did a great job with testing my daughter and I am extremely grateful to her for her kindness. Dr. Andonucci-Hill provides guidance to my daughter and is a person with whom she can address her issues on a continuing basis. I am grateful that my daughter has her as a provider that she actually wants to see."
- G.C
"Excellent providers, good privacy policies, and a comfortable office."
- B.C
"Your ability to match the right provider for each client's individual needs is incredible. We have now received services for four of our family members, and each time it's been the perfect person for the job. I have referred others to TCCON as well and was told the samething by them."
- A.R
"A kind and capable receptionist, followed by an outstanding doctor, delivered an experience I not only appreciate but needed very much."
- M.M
"Excellent, responsive administrative staff. No improvement needed! I like Dr. Tomb. He has a peaceful 'aura'."
- N.P
"I think that the Nashua Counseling center is a great resource and is committed in providing the best care possible since they have a large range of mental health providers working as a team. NCS has great hours and several locations making them self's accessible in a timely manner, to new and existing client's. Keep up the greet work!!"
- S.H
"I have been very happy with all the services my daughter has received at your center. I have recommended you to our pediatrician and several friends."
- H.C
"Collette was very welcoming and put me at ease immediately. Since I was being seen for anxiety, this was a great relief being seen for the first time. She was professional and helpful for my situation. I'm glad that she was referred to me by my therapist."
- S.N
"Doreen sees our whole family. She is attentive to all aspects of care. She is kind and takes time when needed to hear the whole story. She is efficient and focused maintaining just the right care and time between appointments varying greatly at times between the four of us. Beth made a great first impression. I look forward to her insights and work with our child and our family."
- D.T
"My provider was very easy to talk about my problem and my provider asked about my problem thoughtfully."
- B.D
"Jane McGrath is a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable provider. I am grateful to have found her after many years of searching for the right mental health provider."
- M.G
"I don't really have anything to compare to but one thing I felt the second I walked into the place was a sense that I was welcome. I was very nervous walking because this is all new to me and when I got that feeling walking in I felt comfortable."
- R.G
"The counselor listened to me, understood my issues and was very professional. I look forward to my next appointment."
- J.M
"Rich Carey was extremely caring and seemed like they genuinely cared about my issues/wanted to help. I was very comfortable with him, which made the appointments very helpful for me."
- S.W
"Doreen was AMAZING! She was everything I needed and wanted for the care of my child in this very delicate situation."
- S.S
The intake process was the best I have experienced in a long time. The coordinator was able to find providers that matched my child’s needs based on the info I gave online. Dr. Hurwitz seems like a great match for my son and I found her engaging and easy to talk to.
- Y.M
"I’ve only been to one appointment but was impressed with my therapist. The off street parking is a big plus as well. Thank you!"
- E.S
"Collette did a great and thorough job. It was clear to me that she is good at what she does and genuinely wanted to help me get to where I want to be health-wise. A hearty thank you to Collette!"
- M.C
The Counseling Center