Mychele Benoit- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

About Mychele Benoit- Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine

For over two decades Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine has provided focused, problem-solving psychological evaluation, consultation, and treatment planning.
We are a uniquely specialized group of experienced professionals devoted to providing the highest quality, cost-effective psychological assessment and related services.
We emphasize efficiency, timeliness, and teamwork in assisting:
Individuals and families
Inpatient and outpatient mental health providers
School, legal and medical professionals
Nursing homes
Residential treatment programs
State agencies
Crisis intervention services
Our goal is to help our clients maximize gains and minimize the overall cost of care by providing accurate diagnostic understanding and an integrated care plan for such difficulties as:
Attention Deficit Disorder
Serious psychiatric disturbance
Depression and suicidal concerns
Post-traumatic stress and other anxiety disorders
Neuropsychological impairment
Learning disabilities
Chemical dependency problems
Chronic pain difficulties
Problems in aging and mental capacity
We work within all managed-care frameworks and are skilled at tailoring evaluation to the financial and personal needs and resources of clients.


Psychodiagnostic Services of Southern Maine- Portland

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