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Benefits of Telehealth in the Mental Health Setting

The use of online video conferencing for psychiatry and therapy appointments had begun to gain popularity even before the coronavirus pandemic forced many people to adopt telehealth. Now that many people have had experience with telehealth with several types of doctors, some are beginning to wonder if telehealth is right for their mental health care needs.

Only you can decide what kind of mental health care appointments work best for you. If you’re considering telehealth as an option, but you still feel skeptical, it’s important to know the benefits of telehealth for mental health appointments. This method of receiving mental health care is effective, convenient, and affordable.

Telehealth Works in Mental Health Care

Naturally, some people are skeptical about how telehealth can be useful for treating mental health disorders. After all, patients must discuss deeply personal issues in these appointments. While the skepticism is understandable, the evidence suggests that telehealth works.

In study after study, mental health experts have found that patients who receive mental health care through telehealth have outcomes that are at least as good as those who go to in-person appointments. This is true for both psychiatry and therapy. Furthermore, some evidence suggests that telehealth may be more effective for some people in the long-term. This may be because it’s easier to access and keep up with over time.

Telehealth is More Convenient

More than half of the people in the United States who live with mental illness get no treatment at all. That adds up to about 26 million people in the country who are living with untreated disorders like anxiety, depression, and more. Not only does this decrease the quality of a person’s life, but untreated mental illness can be dangerous.

Unfortunately, a lack of awareness and the stigma against mentally ill people keep some people from getting help. However, even people who recognize the problem and want help have trouble accessing mental health care sometimes. They may be unable to attend regular appointments because:

  • They need to be socially distant to stay safe
  • Childcare is too expensive
  • There are too few qualified providers in the immediate area
  • They cannot leave work for long enough to commute to the appointment
  • They lack transportation
  • Physical or emotional differences make leaving home difficult

Telehealth for mental health care can help people overcome many of these important obstacles. When you don’t have to leave home or work to get care, you no longer need to worry about these issues. You can focus on getting the care you deserve.

Telehealth Can Be Affordable

One of the other major barriers to getting mental health care is the cost. Not only do patients need to pay for in-person appointments or copays themselves, but commuting to the appointment may have other expenses, including:

  • Gas or public transportation fees
  • Tolls
  • Childcare
  • Time away from work
  • Mileage on the vehicle

Telehealth eliminates all the costs related to traveling to and from an appointment. This can add up quickly if you need regular mental health care appointments of any kind, such as weekly therapy.

Your insurance may help you with the cost of seeing a provider. Our clinics accept most insurance plans, so you can put your plan to work. While some insurance providers may not cover telehealth appointments, most do.

Telehealth can be an effective and convenient tool for mental health care. Are you ready to give it a try? Book an appointment with one of our providers today.

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