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4 Surprising Benefits of Individual Therapy

When you decide to go to therapy, you take a significant step toward improving your mental health. With the help of your licensed therapist, you may achieve goals such as reducing the symptoms of mental illness, developing new coping mechanisms, or working through trauma from your past.

As you work toward these explicitly stated goals, you may gain additional benefits along the way. Below are just four examples of the surprising ways in which going to therapy can change your life and community.

You Inspire Others to Get the Help They Need

Telling people about your decision to go to therapy is a personal decision. You can choose to keep this information completely private, share it with a few people, or share it with the world. If you decide to open up about therapy with even one person, there’s a chance you could change a life.

One of the barriers that often keep people from seeking mental healthcare is that they don’t know anyone else who has, so they do not know what to expect. When you talk about your experiences, you may give someone the courage they need to get help.

You Can Learn How to Talk About Hard Things

Many people struggle to have discussions that may lead to negative feelings. Instead of opening up during these conversations, people may prefer to walk away or change the subject to something happier. Unfortunately, this tactic of avoiding hard conversations can lead to unresolved problems for a person’s mental health.

In order for therapy to work, you have to talk about some of the most challenging topics. You may have avoided these discussions for years. By opening up to a therapist about these issues, you can learn to have difficult discussions in healthy ways.

At first, you may notice it’s easier to talk to your therapist about these things. Over time, these conversations can get easier with family and friends as well. This important life skill can serve you for years to come.

You Gain More Empathy

Although your therapist is a vital member of your team, they will not agree with you without a second thought. Instead, a great therapist challenges a person’s thoughts and behavioral patterns. Often, they will have you look at a situation from another point-of-view.

This change in perspective can help you develop more empathy for yourself and others. For example, if you have negative thoughts about yourself, your therapist may challenge you to talk about yourself the way you would talk about a dear friend. This can help you be more gentle and kind to yourself.

Your Physical Health Improves

Mental health struggles often cause stress and trouble sleeping, both of which have serious consequences for your physical health. As therapy helps improve your mental health, you may also notice a significant change in your stress levels and sleeping habits. These improvements can, in turn, cause other benefits to your physical health, including:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Less pain and tension
  • Lower risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • And more

Of course, many other factors affect your physical health as well. However, there’s no doubt that people who feel better mentally can start to see changes in their physical well-being.

If you’re ready to witness the benefits of therapy first-hand, contact us today. Our licensed therapists can help you start feeling better and give you the care you deserve.

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