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Nancy Tomb is an independently licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience in outpatient clinics and private practice. Her areas of interest include couple's therapy, relationships, various kinds of anxiety disorders, stress, depression, and trauma. She works with individuals dealing with substance abuse of family members. She is also trained in EMDR therapy and uses it in her practice.

Ms. Tomb has a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston University as well as prior education degrees from IUP and Duquesne University. She did her first social work internship year at a residential treatment facility for adolescent boys, Kennedy Action Corps. Her second year internship was with the Fallon Clinic Counseling Center in Worcester, MA. There she saw a large variety of outpatient mental health problems and received specific supervision in couple's therapy. She worked at the Fallon Clinic and it's successor, the Boston Road Clinic, until 2001. She has worked in a private practice until the present.

She works primarily with adults and has also worked with older adolescents and groups. Her treatment employs psychodynamic models, select cognitive and behavioral strategies and the interaction of the individual in relation to their environment

Nancy Tomb, LICSW
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