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Corneliu Stanciu, M.D.
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Dr. Cornel Stanciu received his post-graduate training in clinical Psychiatry from East Carolina University and is specializing in addictive disorders through a fellowship at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. He is currently licensed to practice in New Hampshire and North Carolina.

Throughout his training Dr. Stanciu has exemplified academic excellence and has risen to be one of the leaders in the field. Dr. Stanciu is the 2017 Ruth Fox, American Association of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), scholar and 2017 Governors Institute on Substance Abuse scholar. He has played an active and significant role in academia having published a multitude of papers on themes related to substance abuse, addiction, as well as affective disorders. He is currently on the editorial boards of several journals and has received multiple national and international awards for excellence in research and clinical care. His research was presented at numerous conferences. Dr. Stanciu is actively involved with several organizations such as American Psychiatric Association (APA), North Carolina Psychiatric Association (NCPA), American Association of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) and ASAM and has contributed to their newsletters. He is actively involved in numerous academic research projects as well as community outreach programs disseminating knowledge to local providers.

Dr. Stanciu has experience in a variety of treatment settings including: inpatient hospitals, community mental health treatment centers, outpatient practices, substance abuse residential and office based treatment facilities; detoxification centers, nursing homes, correctional facilities, veteran affairs centers and even telepsychiatry. Dr. Stanciu's wide range of expertise allows him to take an integrative approach at collaborating with his patients in understanding their struggles, making an accurate diagnosis, and then partnering with their families, the community, therapists and other physicians in building a complete treatment plan. Dr. Stanciu's practice style incorporates the latest, evidence-based approach to management of adults, children and adolescents, elderly and those with intellectual disabilities that are battling mental illness and substance abuse problems.
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