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Lindsey Landry, LCMHC
Mental Health Counselor
Associate Director of Quality Care
Lindsey Landry, MA, received her undergraduate degree in Counseling Psychology and her Master's Degree in Professional Psychology from Lesley University. She completed internships at The Needham Youth Commission, Germaine Lawrence Residential School for behaviorally challenged adolescents, and The Arlington Education Collaborative where she developed skills in working with adolescents and at risk youth.

Her Master's Degree training has included work at Bridgewell Counseling Services and Lowell Adult Day Treatment where she provided individual therapy to adults, and conducted psychoeducational and process therapy groups with chronically mentally ill adults. Although trained as a generalist in working with adolescent and adult clinical issues, she maintains a special interest in working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and grief. In addition, Mrs. Landry has had training in relapse prevention and working with individuals with substance abuse issues, with specialty interest in opiate addiction.

At The Counseling Center, Mrs. Landry conducts clinical screenings to assist in matching clients with specific provider's expertise, and she assists providers with coordination and management of patient care issues, including emergency service coverage. In addition, Mrs. Landry oversees the psychological screening and evaluation component of The Counseling Center's suboxone maintenance program.

Mrs. Landry provides counseling to adults and adolescents, incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, interpersonal and insight oriented approaches in her work with clients. She has also developed strengths in clinical symptom management, psychoeducational approaches to coping, stress management skill building, and crisis stabilization.
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